Marketing Performance Benchmark Report

2020 Benchmark Report

When it comes to making decisions based on marketing performance insights, access to your own data is critical. However, more data equals better decision making. anonymize visitor data to gain insights into conversion behaviour covering multiple industries and buyer personas to identify global trends in marketing performance data that will supercharge your decision making.

This page is a summary of the analysis we undertook across the full spectrum of data we have available to us. Sectors ranging from manufacturing, technology, FinTech and business services. The data provides detailed insight into different aspects of marketing performance analysis from upwards of a million form submissions taken over the past 12 months.

Web conversion optimization guide

The Marketing Operations Guide to Web Conversion Optimization

In a world where email effectiveness is in continual decline and digital media is experiencing increasing competition, it’s no surprise that businesses are looking to make more of what they’ve already got. The marketing operations guide to web conversion optimization will show you how to attract and convert new customers as well as how to orchestrate the resulting data effectively and measure campaign performance.

GDPR Video

GDPR Compliance in an easy 5 minute video

Rules and regulations around data and communication are in a constant state of flux with evolution often necessary to avoid falling foul of new legislation. Recent changes have had a relatively small impact in comparison with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR has created a wealth of uncertainty for marketers on what is required, the impact it will have and what they need to do to ensure compliance.

This 5 minute summary brings you up to speed with:

  • The history of data protection and General Data Protection Regulation
  • The core principals of GDPR and how to comply
  • What this means for marketers, inbound and outbound marketing
  • How to ensure web form compliance

Business Case

Discover a New, Simpler Way to Manage and Deploy Content Gating and Web Conversion Forms.

This business case will show you how’s solution is helping businesses leverage more from their valuable content, reducing their development and web team spend and enhancing data collection and analytics.

Content gating blog

The Why, How and When to Gate Content

So what is gating content? Well gating content is the process of putting up a paywall (gate) between the prospect and a valuable piece of content. Only instead of cash, they must offer up their personal data in exchange. This usually occurs through a gate (form) that requests basic contact information; name, email, phone number etc.

Sounds simple – but savvy marketers know that there are so many choices to be made with gating content. The Definitive Guide to Gating Content helps you make the right decisions.

The Gating Content guide features:

  • Content Gating Strategy
  • Form Standardization
  • Data Structure
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Marketing Automation and Website integration
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • The Legal Stuff
Progressive Profiling Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Progressive Profiling Forms in Marketing Automation

Progressive profiling has long been seen as best practices for marketers to gain incremental information on their prospects and customers. Eloqua progressive profiling is something that is ‘out of the box’, just like progressive profiling in Marketo and Hubspot. However that doesn’t mean it is easy to deploy. Often, with so many options and discussions to be made internally the biggest challenge is in actually deciding what to actually do – and why. The guide is your answer to that!

This guide will give you:

  • understanding of the different ways you can deploy progressive profiling
  • the pros and cons of each method
  • recommendations on business fit for each method
  • Eloqua and Marketo progressive profiling simpification
  • best practices and quick start steps