Marketo to Sunset Forms 1.0

In May 2021 Marketo are deprecating their Forms 1.0 functionality.  All customers should have migrated their use of Marketo lead forms to the 2.0 methodology by that date. What is the impact? The Marketo Forms 1.0 functionality operates like most … Read More

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Progressive Profiling: Capturing Leads Using Dynamic Web Forms

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Inbound Marketing: The Changing Landscape​

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Effortlessly scale your lead gen like these global B2B brands

It will come as no surprise that web forms are still key to lead generation strategy and good practice. Depending on the tactics used, forms can obtain lead information in exchange for high value content, which is a core aspect … Read More

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5 Ways to Improve your Data Quality with a Gating Strategy

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Scaling Marketing Lead Capture With Eloqua Forms

Scaling Marketing Lead Capture With Eloqua Forms

Web contact forms algorithms offer crucial marketing data governance functionality, making the scaling of web-based lead capture critical to any data-driven marketing effort. Learn how to scale this process with Eloqua forms and give your company a competitive edge. … Read More