Webform Management for your Enterprise Customers

Web Form Management for your Enterprise Customers

Optimizing web conversion in a scalable way is now critical to your client’s digital marketing performance

Do your clients want to convert more website visitors to leads, measure marketing effectiveness more accurately and build campaigns more efficiently?

Is website integration a barrier to your clients’ ability to quickly realise value from digital marketing and technology?  

Are your clients still manually deploying web forms or using built-in forms from Marketing Automation?

GatedContent.com is the only enterprise platform built from the ground up to maximise onsite web conversion. It’s designed to work in parallel with existing enterprise marketing technologies and does not require additional data processing authorisation. Lead data passes directly from the user’s browser into a client’s existing infrastructure.

Minimize Risk

Mitigation of Delivery Risk

Connected marketing operations introduces many points of risk for clients and partners alike. Marketing campaigns reliant on technical integration, data capture and measurement demand many hours of developer time and QA. GatedContent.com brings an off-the-shelf solution for the key technical aspect of digital marketing - web conversion and lead capture. Deploy, connect and optimize web conversion forms without the need to burden technical teams. The templated approach to form deployment massively reduces QA time and the risk of data loss.

  • Connected marketing operations introduces risks for clients and partners
  • Deploy, connect and optimize web conversion forms without the need to burden technical teams
  • Templated approach to form deployment massively reduces QA time and the risk of data loss

Mitigation of Liability Risk

  • Reduce clients’ non-compliance risk & maximize actionable lead data with a dynamic and structured approach to marketing consent
  • Utilize advanced conditional logic and geolocation to deliver light-touch opt-in compliance.
  • Keep up with changing data privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR) by instantly deploying new standards when client guidance changes.

Replace Outdated Content Gating Strategies

GatedContent.com is the next generation of enterprise web form management. Web forms become intelligent and portable, deployable anywhere within an enterprise website and monitored centrally within the GatedContent.com portal. The platform is designed from the ground up to deliver central data governance for leads and marketing measurement, connecting marketing technology and enabling teams to operate more efficiently. Data integrity and standardization becomes built-in to the user experience, allowing partners to focus on delivering engaging content and campaigns that convert and drive revenue.

  • Advanced features such as progressive profiling and smart form technology are included allowing deployment of content gating strategies that reduce friction and maximize lead generation
  • Centrally managed, next generation, intelligent, portable forms can be deployed anywhere
  • Specifically designed to deliver central data governance for leads, marketing measurement and connecting marketing technology
  • Built-in data integrity & standardization so you can focus on delivering engaging content and campaigns that convert and drive revenue
  • Advanced features such as progessive profiling and smart form technology to reduce friction and maximize lead generation

Enable Higher Automation and Reuse of Best Practices

  • GatedContent.com is a no-code solution to bridge the gap between enterprise Marketing/Sales Automation and lead capture within a corporate website.
  • The self-serve platform enables partners and clients to take control of web conversion, deploying best-practice lead capture without reliance on web teams.
  • Templated approach to web forms allows scaling of lead capture whilst maintaining global standards and the ability to handle changes to data requirements.
  • Our solutions utilize an innovative browser based front-end tied to our scalable cloud infrastructure, delivering a resilient and high performing user experience.
  • GatedContent.com seamlessly integrates with client Marketing Tech stacks. Deployment is as simple as a single client side script (tag).
  • GatedContent.com plugs into your clients’ existing Marketing Technology, building a higher degree of automation to lead capture. Most GatedContent.com customers reduce native Marketing Automation requirements down to a handful of master forms.
Introducing GatedContent.com to our clients has enabled us to reduce reliance on technical teams and minimize the risk of delayed campaign deployments. Our clients have also seen more consistent lead data and marketing attribution measurement.

Leading B2B Digital Agency

In just a couple of months we have doubled our MQLs and seen a significant increase in our performance in paid search. It's so easy to create new landing pages with forms for specific search terms. It's become our natural way of working.
GatedContent.com Testimonial
Neil Rongstad - Chownow
VP of Growth
With GatedContent.com we very quickly realized we could build forms in a much more scalable way. Being able to deploy thousands of pages and forms quickly and easily was an absolute win for us.
GatedContent.com Testimonial
Sean Watson - Canon
Demand Generation
I have a lot more control over the whole team and process. The product gives me consistent reporting and is so much faster to roll out changes. It's a definite time saver.
Paul Tasker - Sage
Director of Marketing Technology & Demand Operations