Rockwell Case Study – Increasing Conversions by 700%

Rockwell Automation Drive 700% Increase in Conversions


Like many enterprise organisations, a world-leading industrial automation and information company found themselves struggling to maximise the benefit of their content investment. With hundreds of valuable assets – spanning whitepapers, case studies, data sheets and guides – the decision to gate their content was no small feat. Unfortunately, a complex marketing technology infrastructure, and dozens of global stakeholders, dramatically complicated the situation.

Rockwell’s Challenge: Generating Value from Global Content​

As as an international organisation with stakeholders around the world, it was essential for the company’s website to cater to multiple languages and multiple countries. With unique data requirements in each region, and varying degrees of market maturity, this created a need to tailor content gating treatments on a region-by-region basis. But without a way to centralise their gating strategy, and report on global content performance and marketing attribution, accurately calculating the ROI of the company’s content efforts seemed impossible. These complicating factors means that an in-house content gating solution was time and cost prohibitive. Worse yet, a looming change to their Content Management System posed a real risk to any internally-developed solution.

The Solution

To streamline performance reporting and centralise the company’s content gating efforts, was deployed and integrated into the company’s entire marketing stack: Eloqua, Woopra, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Teamsite CMS. 5 standard form types were developed, each deployable in 17 languages with support for non-Latin languages, including Chinese. Geo-location switching enabled the use of different form fields on a country-by-country basis, while a suite of advanced functionality offered dramatic improvements to conversion rates, including:

Pre-population using existing Eloqua data to streamline user experience
Progressive Profiling to enhance existing lead data
The ability to trigger blind submissions on high value content

Finally, content assets and their gating levels were determined, in-bulk, before being loaded into’s interface. Together, this meant that over 400 content gates were developed and deployed in a matter of minutes.


Despite complex requirements, by deploying, the organisation accelerated their time to solution by over 2 quarters with the development cost required to deploy a gated asset reduced by 80%. Gating strategy can be changed, instantly, across over 600 global assets. Each region is able to enact an independent gating strategy, tailored to the needs of their market, while content performance across the entire company can be monitored from a central dashboard. By bringing’s powerful, conversion-focusedfunctionality to bear on their library of content assets, the organisation was able to boost the value of their content and clearly see it’s return on investment – resulting in a 700% increase in contact conversions.

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