Case Study – Manufacturing Company Ensures Global Data Governance

Manufacturing Company Ensures Global Data Governance


The client in this case study was a $4b enterprise-level manufacturer that provides businesses data capture and automatic identification solutions to retail, healthcare, transportation & logistics and manufacturing industries. All the teams execute within a globally owned digital marketing infrastructure that includes platforms for marketing automation, customer relationship management, web content management and account based marketing.

The Challenge

Historic form deployment was challenging within the main website due to complexity with marketing automation, account data enrichment and content management systems. This resulted in a large reliance on technical resources meaning slow and inefficient form deployment. The workaround was to launch many landing pages with the limitation being a disjointed, inconsistent user experience and inability to maximize the conversion of organic traffic. Challenges also existed around consistent measurement of performance as a result of different ways of attribution being captured in varying web environments. This included capturing of tracking parameters, orchestration of data and account mapping of contacts. The latter impacted the businesses capability in executing Account Based Marketing (ABM) in a scalable fashion. Any solution also needed to enable regional marketing teams for local strategies to be executed in a fast, flexible way - whilst maintaining data standardization and GDPR compliance at a global level.

The Solution was launched from the Global Demand Center in 12 languages with integration into all web properties including the CMS and landing pages. This enabled a consistent user experience and tracked interactions with Gated Assets, Downloads, Videos and Webinars from all users, in all locations. A key benefit was orchestration of all data capture and ingestion into marketing technology platforms. Account information was enriched on all form conversions, utilizing autocomplete and account data mapped into hidden fields. Marketing performance insights and web analytics data was captured into analytics platforms. Global GDPR rules for consent were built into, with logic hardwired into every form automatically.


All field marketers and web publishers can build campaign forms and gate them independently of the Demand Centre - enhancing the speed that local campaigns can be executed. Data health improved with contact data being standardized at a contact level. Integrity of account data was greatly enhanced with normalization and enrichment. This enabled reporting and lead scoring at an account level, plus the foundation to build a formal ABM program. Consistency is maintained with form standards and data collection only possible at the centre. Regional and local markets have ownership to update fields and behaviours within the global framework. Form styling and content delivery is also controlled centrally avoiding inconsistent user experience. The deployment also ensured 100% compliance in contact data capture from the web, plus the ability to localize behaviour based on differing compliance needs in different markets. The result was a streamless deployment transition into a post-GDPR world.

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