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Product Tour

A New Way of Deploying and Managing Web Lead Forms at Scale

Enterprise Web Form Management introduces a new way of thinking about how enterprises manage and scale their lead generation forms. Web conversion forms (or gates) are templated in our cloud platform with the data specifications, privacy standards and technology integrations you define. Your marketing or operational users can build out gates for use in campaigns or blogs and embed them into web pages with super simple embed code. If you can create a hyperlink in your CMS, you can deploy a content gate.

Central Control of Your Web Conversion Forms

Central management and monitoring of hundreds or thousands of web forms and content gates combined with our dashboard for a single view of lead conversion across your entire corporate web environment.

Gate Content Anywhere in Your Sites with Responsive Ready Forms

Content gates can be deployed inline in your web pages or within a mobile-ready modal overlay. Gone is the need for dedicated pages for gating and thank you messaging. With you can start converting visitors to leads with global governance of data capture without any web development required. Look and feel is completely under your control using the Style Manager.

Template Your Forms, Keep Control Forever

Build out your web form standards to fit your marketing and lead qualification requirements. Allow your authors to add or remove fields to gates within specific limits or setup global progressive profiling. Form templates can be altered AFTER deployment of forms and gates so you maintain ongoing governance of data capture forever.

Global Governance of Data Capture Standards

Standardise your data capture processes. Globally define field mapping, pre-population, browser caching, field values, options and labels. Define hidden fields that capture marketing measurement, attribution data or campaign association.

Advanced Form Functionality with Dynamic Rules

The Dynamic Rule Engine can evaluate and process logic throughout the user experience allowing for interactive form layouts or processing of collected data. For example, form templates can adapt depending on the geo-location of the user or on existing contact data in your Marketing Automation system. Rules are built without code using a simple visual editor.

Maximise Conversion Rates with Enhanced Reporting

Our enhanced reporting module allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your web conversion performance. With session tracking and channel attribution you will be able to see where your leads are coming from. Metrics like number of form fields or user device will help you optimise your web conversion strategy.

Perfectly Localised Forms, Managed Centrally

The Translation Manager is our optimised tool for translating forms whilst maintaining data standards and actionable lead information. Cultural inheritance is built-in, as are right-to-left languages. Because translation data is delivered centrally from our cloud platform there is no dependency on web developers or the CMS and translations can be updated at any time remotely.

Capture Marketing Performance Data on Every Submission

The platform provides a robust set of tools for capturing marketing performance measurement and campaign attribution. Capturing of query string parameters (such as UTMs) is built-in and persistent and every gate can pass its own meta-data for attribution or assignment in your sales or insights platforms. The Event Manager provides an interface to connect and capture user interaction into any other part of your marketing tech stack.

Integrate with your Wider MarTech Stack

As well as native connectivity with leading Marketing Automation tools, also integrates with account data enrichment providers, web analytics, meeting scheduling apps and video delivery platforms. If you have a particular integration requirement please contact us, our developers are integrating new platforms every month.

How much you could improve your web conversion by?

By analyzing your current web conversion rates and optimization practices, we can estimate the projected uplift in leads you can expect from working with