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Become a partner not just to let your clients benefit from the best web forms technology but also so you can benefit from our expertise and to help you grow additional revenue

Partner Categories and Phases

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Below we highlight the main partner segments we focus on and are working on crafting specific materials and support for. Click below on the specific partner category you feel you fit into to get more information and to get in contact with us.

Additionally we work with our partners across 4 different partner phases which we outline below. We recognise that not all partnerships will operate across all these 4 phases and our upcoming new partner program aims reflect this and to deliver separate benefits tailored to fit the wants and needs of partners operating across each of these phases.

Partner Categories

System Integrators / Consultancies

SaaS Vendors

System Integrators

Easy to integrate, remarkably powerful, help your clients collect clean, uniform compliant data with Access the ultimate standard in data governance and web conversion optimization.


Leverage to increase the quality of your clients leads pipeline and get more out of their many martech systems. Access the ultimate standard in data governance and web conversion optimization.

MarTech SaaS Vendors

Bring the best web forms technology to your product or platform. is the ultimate web form management platform that can save you substantial developer time and increase the data quality of leads data to enable your product to provide better marketing outcomes for your clients.

SalesTech SaaS Vendors

Bring the best web forms technology to your product or platform. is the ultimate web form management platform that can save you substantial developer time and increase the data quality of leads data to enable your product to drive better sales conversion for your clients.

Marketing Agencies

Independent Consultants

Digital Marketing Agencies ensures your clients’ data is clean, uniform and compliant. Take your clients’ performance marketing to the next level and demonstrate it with powerful insights.

Tech Agencies

Managing 1000s of forms across 1000s of web pages means data governance is a real challenge. is the ultimate web form management platform that can save you hours of developer time.

Marketing Automation Consultants

Our marketing automation specialists can help you reorganise your back-end lead management processes. Our team can make your system work in conjunction with to drastically increase campaign build efficiency.

Web Developers simplifies data collection for your clients. Deploy and seamlessly integrate with your clients’ tech stack and get clean data flowing fast. Reduce dependence and conflicts between web teams and marketing teams.


Integrations integrates seamlessly with your Client's marketing tech stack. From analytics to webinars - supercharge web forms with your software. Better forms, means better leads and better quality data for other tools in the martech and salestech lifecycle to deliver value and outcomes.


Referrers is the ultimate web form management platform so be rewarded for referring companies to our solution. They will thank you and we will reward you for your efforts.


Already using top manage your forms and want to spread the love to others whilst in return being rewarded. We are looking to create a customer referral part of our new partner program to enable us to reward happy customers that refer us to more happy customers (more details to come soon).

Partner Phases

When thinking about partnerships we look at 4 different partner phases and which of these you wish to participate affects how we interact with you to maximize the partnership for both of us. We recognize that some partners will only be focused on one of these phases and others will operate across more than one or all of these phases. We aim to deliver mutual value for us and our partners across the whole lifecycle and fitting each partnership.


For partners that are able to bring new opportunities and clients to us and wish to be rewarded for this. Bringing new clients could either be a pure referral or you might wish to partner with us through the full sales cycle and potentially through implementation as well.


For partners looking to do joint sales or embed our product within solutions being proposed to their clients. We provide resources for joint sales efforts and support your sales efforts to maximize mutual success.


For partners with technical skills to deliver the implementation work and support our clients and potentially other partners with the technical expertise required to successfully implement and/or integrate our product into the clients martech landscape. We focus here on providing resources for training, upskilling and support with technical queries as part of implementation projects.

Support / Maintenance

For partners that operate martech landscapes or run business outsourcing for clients. Our product can help optimize the running of existing martech landscapes run on behalf of clients or optimize existing outsourced business processes related to web lead generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Please contact us here for an initial partner conversation and we will evaluate your suitability to our partner program. If you don’t fall into any of our partner categories listed above but still believe you have an exciting partner opportunity for us then please contact us here.

Integration with can be achieved in a few ways, these can be one way or bidirectional integrations, they can be via APIs or custom integrations embedded in our UI (or potentially in your UI). We support multiple types of integration and would be happy to discuss with your team further if you reach out to us here. forms has multi-language support including Chinese and Japanese characters, as well as right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. We also support language inheritance for variant languages such as Swiss French or Latin American Spanish. Currently the actual product is however only available in English and the multi language support is only for the forms that you create within the product. Please let us know if you need a specific language supported for the main product. Additionally with your forms can be configured to automatically present the appropriate opt-in messages and checkboxes required for your country’s legislation. Please contact us here to discuss how we can help you support your clients in your local market.

We currently run our partner and sales organization mostly remotely and only have a physical office presence in the UK. We however already support partners and clients across multiple countries and continents and we therefore also believe we can support you. Please contact us here to discuss more how a partnership for your local market could work.

"Introducing to our clients has enabled us to reduce reliance on technical teams and minimize the risk of delayed campaign deployments. Our clients have also seen more consistent lead data and marketing attribution measurement"
Ledger Bennett
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