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Like many technologies, isn’t just of significant value to the end user.  As a commercial partner, you can leverage to deliver better quality and an increase in results for your clients quickly and efficiently, making your life easier and your client accounts more profitable.  

You can rest assured you’ll be fully prepared to support your clients to maximize results as provides partner training; a knowledge base; training videos and articles and a sandbox environment for testing. 

Here are the 5 big reasons partnering with is a brilliant idea. 

1. Up-sell other consulting services

When implementing new technology into an organization, in most cases your client will need help to set-up and roll out that tech in the most effective way possible.  As a partner this gives you the opportunity to sell consulting services off the back of an implementation.  To give you a better understanding of the type of consulting services you could offer take a look at the following list:


It’s likely that up to now your client has been using multiple forms and form standards.  You can support your client by running an audit on their current marketing automation solution, identifying all forms, build a standardized form strategy and upload in bulk to  You’ll provide the client with embed codes and centralize form management in from that point on. 

Formulating and deploying a Marketing Consent Strategy 

You can take the lead on the formulation and deployment of a consent strategy tailored to the needs of your client.  Plan a consent strategy across all of your client’s active regions, to ensure they’re adhering to the right data protection laws for each region they operate in eg. GDPR, CCPA. allows you to centralize your consent strategy, automating the required data protection parameters and language depending on the client or prospect’s operating region. 

Web Analytics Integration 
Web analytics should run alongside all of the marketing activity, with statistical analysis from web data aligning with your client’s new form strategy.  As part of onboarding you can help your client align all of their gates to their web analytics, building an appropriate taxonomy for every action for fully automated closed loop reporting.  

Lead Management Workflow 

One of the most critical aspects of successful conversion is a clear and relevant lead management workflow.  Support your clients to build an end to end process by mapping out a lead management workflow that scores each gate in accordance with where it sits within the marketing to sales flow. 

2. Reduce the burden on technical resource

You probably already support your clients by building out campaigns on their behalf.  Developing creative; landing pages; form integration and automated nurture all take time. allows you to avoid the custom technical build and testing you’d usually require to set up and manage a campaign by running this through a form master template, meaning any changes can be made quickly and at scale. This reduces the time you spend on deployment and resources to support campaign deployment for your clients, improving your overall profitability.

3. Reduce risk and burden of Quality Assurance’s quick but robust testing approach ensures you don’t miss out on leads from faulty campaigns. By centralizing testing through the integration of, you can build any size of campaign, whether that campaign contains fifty different conversion forms or just the one, saving a lot of time if changes are required across multiple forms.’s automated approach to privacy compliance avoids issues around consent.  If you’re managing multiple projects in different regions for the same client, you can run the risk of collecting leads with the wrong consent options, meaning your client has a database of leads they are unable to market to.  By centralizing a privacy compliance strategy for your client through you and your client can be confident in the quality and validity of any new leads. 

4. Increase campaign speed to market

Reduced technical burden, automation of privacy and consent and centralized reporting through means you can quickly and easily build out campaigns for your clients, allowing you to scale the volume of activity without it affecting your costs. 

5. Position your business as a thought leader

We’ve seen first hand from our clients that as larger companies operate increasingly complex marketing and sales automation processes, they begin to truly understand the need to centralize their marketing operations for maximum efficiency and to reduce risk.  The idea of a dedicated web form management platform is a forward thinking option for you as a provider of support services to bring to the table.  The drive towards digital and inbound has been accelerated by the pandemic so staying at the forefront of thinking in lead management is critical. 

If you and your clients might benefit from dedicated web form management, are one of the market leaders so to learn more about becoming a partner visit our Partner page.

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