High value lead generation

Successful lead capture is about more than just great campaigns and sticky content. It’s about broad reach and consistent effort across every channel or platform your business is engaged with. 

Focus on campaigns

Marketing has a tendency towards a hyper-focus on “campaigns,” and especially “campaign launches” or “rollouts.” A lot of attention is paid to a campaign up until it’s launch, and then everyone rushes around preparing for the next one. 

There are two typical reasons marketers focus on campaigns: 

  1. Campaigns are controllable events with specific goals and deliverables
  2. Campaigns are a simpler, quicker way to deliver value, especially if operating in a global enterprise organization. 

Top Rank claim “Campaigns should be intertwined with an overall, always-on strategy to create marketing harmony and get the ultimate value out of all your efforts”.


It’s the ‘always-on’ strategies where a lot of marketers are missing out on leads, because they are distracted by the pressure to deliver multiple campaigns and new content. 

There’s often a huge investment in new content creation and short campaigns to promote it, but far less focus on driving long term value from that content.  

Rockwell Automation

This was the challenge faced when GatedContent.com worked with Rockwell Automation.  Like many enterprise organisations, this world-leading industrial automation and information company found themselves struggling to maximise the benefit of their content investment. In spite of a library of hundreds of valuable assets – spanning whitepapers, case studies, data sheets and guides, they weren’t seeing a return.  

As an international organisation with stakeholders around the world, it was essential for the company’s website to cater to multiple languages and multiple countries. Without a way to centralise their content gating strategy, and report on global content performance and marketing attribution, accurately calculating the ROI of the company’s content efforts seemed impossible.

Making the most of organic traffic

Rockwell needed to start making their content assets work harder for them. They had high levels of organic traffic to their website, but this traffic wasn’t converting and high value leads were regularly being missed. Their focus was on conversion from campaign pages, so more general web traffic was being overlooked.  

The solution was utilising relevant assets from their content library right across their website.  Web pages with no call to action were reviewed, and relevant content assets were gated and  added to the page.  For Rockwell, this resulted in a 700% increase in organic traffic conversions from their previously underperforming site. 

Formulating a content gating strategy that’s quick and easy for marketers to deploy without technical support gives marketers the opportunity to squeeze the value from their organic traffic and reduces the instance of missed opportunities. 

If this is something you’re considering for your own business, we’d advise starting with a thorough audit of every page of your website and current content library, then consider how your gating strategy will work, particularly if operating across multiple jurisdictions.  

GatedContent.com is the world’s number one enterprise web form and content gating platform. Providing global data governance whilst scaling inbound lead capture for marketing automation.  If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you increase conversions from your organic web traffic get in touch here

How much you could improve your web conversion by?

By analyzing your current web conversion rates and optimization practices, we can estimate the projected uplift in leads you can expect from working with GatedContent.com.

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