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A/B Testing Your Forms: The Key to Better Conversions

Are you struggling to improve your web conversion rates? While you might have spent countless hours perfecting your ads, landing pages, and follow-up emails, it’s easy to overlook the impact that your web form performance can have. In fact, optimizing your web forms can be a game-changer for your conversion rates. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the various elements of a form that you can A/B test to continually improve your web conversion rates. From the color of your submit button to the number of form fields, we’ll discuss a variety of elements you can test to optimize your user experience and increase your conversions.

By carefully considering the various elements of your web form and using A/B testing to experiment with different variations, you can learn which changes lead to improved user experience and increased conversions. This blog post will provide you with actionable tips to help you get started running effective A/B tests and improving your web form conversion rates.

If you’re looking to enhance your user experience and boost your conversion rates, this blog post is for you. Keep reading to learn about the top 16 A/B tests for your web forms.

Form Length

Test the length of your form, and try to find the sweet spot between collecting enough information from your users and keeping the form short enough to avoid abandonment. This is a delicate balancing act as you will want to ensure you are getting the right data for your sales team to act on, so make sure to discuss with them what they really need. You can split test short forms against longer ones with more fields to see which performs better. You can also experiment with the order of the fields.

Field Labels

Test the wording of your field labels to see if changes in language make a difference in how users perceive the questions being asked. Small changes like using different phrases, rewording questions, or changing the tone can have a big impact.

Call-to-Action (CTA)

Test different types of CTAs, such as "Download now" versus "Get my free guide," to see which ones have the most impact. You can also experiment with the placement, size, and color of your CTA buttons.

Images & Videos

Test the impact of images and videos within your form messaging as these can help to increase engagement and conversions. You can experiment with different types of media, placement, and size to see what works best.

Social Proof

Test the inclusion of social proof within your form messaging. Test including customer reviews or logos of well-known brands, to see if it helps to increase trust and conversions. You can experiment with different types and placement of social proof elements.

Form Validation

Test the impact of different types of form validation, such as real-time validation versus validation after submission. You can also test variations on the validation message, such as providing tips or highlighting specific fields.

Error Messaging

The messaging used to indicate an error in the form can also impact completion rates. Test different error messaging options to see which ones are most effective at helping users correct errors and successfully submit the form.

Field Placeholders

Field placeholders can provide guidance and context to the user, which can be especially helpful for longer or more complex forms. Test different field placeholders to see which ones are most effective at reducing confusion and increasing completion rates.

Field Types

Test different types of fields, such as radio buttons, dropdown menus, and text fields, to determine which ones encourage more user engagement and completion.


Test the use of auto-fill to help users complete your form faster and with less effort. You can experiment with the types of data you pre-populate, such as user name or email address.

Progress Indicators

Test the inclusion of progress indicators in multi-step forms to see if they help to reduce abandonment rates. You can also test different styles, such as progress bars or step numbers.

Form Timing

Test the timing of your form, such as displaying it after a user has spent a certain amount of time on your site or has interacted with certain pages. You can also test variations on the timing, such as displaying the form immediately or after a delay.

Confirmation Messaging

The messaging displayed after the form is submitted can impact the user experience and can also encourage them to take additional actions. Test different confirmation messaging options to see which ones are most effective at encouraging further engagement.

Form Layout

Test different layouts for your form, such as placing all fields on one page versus breaking the form into multiple steps. You can also test variations on the layout, such as putting the form in a pop-up or embedding it within the page.

Progressive Profiling

Instead of asking for all the information upfront, consider gradually asking for more information over time. Test out different progressions of questions and see how they affect completion rates and lead quality.


The introduction message on your form can play a crucial role in setting expectations and encouraging users to complete the form. Use this space to remind people of the value proposition and make it a worthwhile exchange for their data. Test different messaging options to see which ones resonate best with your audience and encourage the highest completion rates. Consider using language that communicates the benefits of completing the form, such as "Please complete the form to receive your free guide" or "Fill out the form to get exclusive access to our latest content." Keep in mind that the messaging should be concise and easy to understand, while also effectively communicating the value of filling out the form.

Get Testing!

Improving your web form conversion rates is a continuous process that requires careful consideration of several elements. By A/B testing different variations of your forms, you can discover which changes lead to better user experience and increased conversions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your forms and boost your conversion rates. Get in touch with us at GatedContent.com to learn how our platform can help you run effective A/B tests and make data-driven decisions that enhance your user experience.

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