Refer a Business and get up to
£1000* in Amazon Vouchers!

Are you a fan of Successfully refer a business to us and we’ll send you an Amazon Gift Voucher to say thank you.

How it works

  1. Complete this form to refer a company to us
  2. We will confirm back if the referral is unique to you and has been logged
  3. If that business signs up to we will email an Amazon Voucher to your registered email address


  1. Referred business signs up to Starter plan – receive £250*** in vouchers
  2. Referred business signs up to Business plan – receive £500** in vouchers
  3. Referred business signs up to Enterprise plan – receive £1000* in vouchers

    *Or $1300 or EUR1300 – whichever is preferred
    **Or $650 or EUR650 – whichever is preferred
    ***Or $325 or EUR325 – whichever is preferred

Referral Terms and Conditions:

  1. The referral scheme is open to existing, previous and customers/subscribers.
  2. To make a valid referral, you must complete the web form at: https://www.gatedcontentcom/referral/
  3. Referrals will only be eligible if the referred company is not already in conversation with via any other channel.
  4. There is only one reward for each Referred company/organisation referred. will notify the Referrer if the Referred company/organisation has previously been referred.
  5. If a Referred company is sent by multiple Referrers, whichever Referrer submitted the referral first will be deemed as the Referrer.
  6. Referrals will be deemed as ineligible if an existing client refers their own company or a franchisee.
  7. There is no limit to the number of businesses a referrer can refer in our referral scheme.
  8. The Referrer may be named in communication between and the Referred business.
  9. The Gift Card will be issued within 90 days of the contract being signed. There is no cash alternative and reserve the right to withdraw or alter the referral schemes, change the value of the gift card or replace the gift card with an alternative, subject to availability.
  10. The referral scheme is available to UK, US and EU residents only.
  11. In the event of any disputes regarding any Referred company/organisation, the decision of is final.
  12. Referral leads must close within 12 months of the submission date.
  13. Referrals which do not become clients within this date will not be eligible for a referral fee.
  14. If you participate in our referral program, we strongly advise you to also give our details to the individual you want to refer to us and facilitate the process that way. If you provide us with an individual’s details you represent that you have their authority to do so in accordance with data protection legislation.