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Our forms are built for global utilization. Geo-location and cultural inheritance are built in. Forms can adapt to different regions based on the user’s country or state. Consent management can be dynamic based on locale or customer status. Every word and phrase is fed into our translation module for easy language management.

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Integrate with your website with no technical skills required. Build, deploy and manage hundreds or thousands of marketing forms across your website(s). Define data governance, consent management and lead routing into your data infrastructure in our management portal.

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Conventional form management takes many many hours of developer time (web or martech). GCDC customers can stand-up new lead capture forms in their web pages in seconds. Call-backs, sign-ups and content gating are built-in, meaning campaign build and testing is a fraction of the effort.


Sage Logo Case Study ensures that we’re collecting all required fields, including those for GDPR and other regional legislation. The support is impeccable, they’re always there to help us. It’s like having an extra member on our team! Testimonial
Heather Dispain - Sage
Global Marketing
With we very quickly realized we could build forms in a much more scalable way. Being able to deploy thousands of pages and forms quickly and easily was an absolute win for us. Testimonial
Sean Watson - Canon
Demand Generation

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As well as native connectivity with leading Marketing Automation tools, also integrates with account data enrichment providers, web analytics, meeting scheduling apps and video delivery platforms. If you have a particular integration requirement please contact us, our developers are integrating new platforms every month.