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Discover a New, Simpler Way to Manage and Deploy Content Gating and Web Conversion Forms. Leverage more from valuable content, reduce development and web team spend and enhance data collection and analytics.]]>
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Canon save 350 hours of skilled time, and boost lead volume and data quality was deployed to create a best-of-both-world’s approach for Canon; offering a form solution that facilitated country-by-country personalisation, whilst remaining within a central framework.]]>
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World-leading industrial automation company deploy

Our latest case study explores how an international organisation used to deploy forms in multiple regions, languages and legal landscapes. ]]>
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How Basware achieved a 4x increase in conversions

Discover how helped Baseware achieve their goal of centralising digital demand.]]>
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How the Right Web Forms Enable Agile Marketing

How quickly can your marketers leverage high value content to acquire new prospects once it is available?]]>
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4 Steps to Creating a Content Gating Strategy

Persona, Buyer Journey and Content Relevance - how do you plan a Content Gating strategy?]]>
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Web Conversion Forms - How Should you Deploy Them?

Landing pages, CMS integration, framed or cloud hosted - how should you deploy web conversion forms?]]>
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How to prepare for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Understand the key compliance points for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).]]>
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Is your Content Marketing Good Enough to Gate?

Should gate your content behind a form, how high should gate should be and should it even be gated at all.]]>
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5 Marketing Strategies to Tackle GDPR

How can you alter your B2B marketing practices to meet GDPR regulations and improve conversion rates?]]>
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How to Deploy Progressive Profiling on Forms

Content value, number of engagements and dynamic profiling - what is best for your business?]]>
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The Three Basics of User Experience on Form Design

How to drive relevancy, simplicity and testing on form UX.]]>
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What are Progressive Profiling Forms?

What is progressive profiling and why should you care.]]>
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Why Gating is Much More Important than Marketing (and I.T.)

Why marketers need to stop adding technical complexity to what is a very simple process.]]>
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