Canon save 350 hours of skilled time, and boost lead volume and data quality

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Canon’s challenge: Deploying global content gating

Canon is a leading provider of imaging and information technology solutions. With operations throughout the world, the company employs over 2,000 people in the UK alone.

With a global presence and a decentralised model of operation, Canon’s content marketing strategy was hindered by a constant balancing act. On one side, each region within the company needed autonomy to tailor their demand generation strategy to the individual countries within their jurisdiction. On the other, the company’s Central Demand Generation team needed to maintain oversight, and manage the company’s global standards.

Despite a significant investment into content creation, this conflict prevented Canon from reaching consensus on how to deploy content gating. With no gating strategy in place, the company was left reliant on landing pages built with third-party marketing automation platforms. As well as significantly reducing the search engine optimisation benefit of Canon’s content, this created a natural barrier to conversion, disrupting the user experience and negatively impacting performance. This was further worsened by the technical challenges the company encountered. With their existing systems, form development was both labour-intensive and highly complex. Over large scale, pan-EMEA campaigns, the costs of deploying forms escalated rapidly. As a result, Canon’s investment in content creation went largely underutilised.

The solution was deployed to create a best-of-both-world’s approach for Canon; offering a form solution that facilitated country-by-country personalisation, whilst remaining within a central framework. Behaviours, form fields and field types could be changed on a dynamic country-by-country basis, pulling from a choice of centrally-approved options. With over 15 standard form levels, and enabled for over 50 countries – including implementation of Arabic and Cyrillic languages – Canon’s international teams benefited from hugely powerful customisation. was also set up to enable effective gating across the whole spectrum of Canon’s content assets:

  • Downloadable content and videos benefited from powerful content gating
  • Attendee registration and event management forms helped standardise in-person demand generation
  • Integration with both live and on-demand webinars improved the process for managing sign-ups and follow-ups
  • Results

    Over the course of a single pan-EMEA campaign, deploying saw Canon save in excess of 350 hours on form deployment alone.

    In addition to a significant productivity gain, this represented a huge cost saving: equivalent to £10,000 in in-house resource, or over £35,000 in agency and supplier costs.

    This cost saving brought with it a boost to the overall performance of their demand generation strategy. Thanks to the flexibility afforded to each region, and the ability to quickly implement content gating across a range of content mediums, Canon saw a significant uplift in both lead volume and the quality of contact data generated.

    Tim Bohn

    Article by Tim Bohn

    Head of Product Development,

    After 15+ years of technology and development, Tim moved to cross over into the marketing world where for the past 10 years he has been working to help multi-national corporates build best-in-class marketing technology eco-systems.

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